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July 2015

Written by Greg Patrick on , Posted in Latest News / No Comments

The dust from the Joberg2C MTB race has long since settled and our Rhino Warriors, Charles and Karrie, have returned home across the Atlantic with many fond memories and in the case of Karrie, a torn rotator cuff, compliments of a little tumble during the race. Despite this Karrie soldiered on and finished the race with a big smile on her face. Most importantly though was the outcome of this little adventure for ourselves and the people we support.


The main fundraising drive for this event was an Indiegogo campaign that we setup and are happy to announce that we smashed our target due to fantastic public support from abroad. Our chosen cause for these funds was the Rhinoart (www.facebook.com/RhinoartAfrica) project as we have always been very pro education and truly value its role in rhino conservation. Karrie is also a well known artist back in the States (www.karriehovey.com) and it all just came together so well. Art, education, mountain biking and rhinos! I cannot think of a better combination. In the end we donated R40 000-00 to the cause which will enable them to visit 8 different schools with the project, collecting art from thousands of children and spreading the importance of rhino conservation.


A big thank you must go out to all those involved with this amazing event and the people at Old Mutual who enable us to be part of this adventure so we can spread the word about ourselves and the current rhino tragedy. We are also a featured cause for the Old Mutual More Than Yourself initiative and you can check this out here http://morethanyourself.co.za/ .


We have recently made new friends with a group called the Rhino Orphanage (www.facebook.com/TheRhinoOrphanage) and have donated some funds to their cause. They have the thankless and heart wrenching task of looking after young rhinos who have been orphaned through the poaching problem. These poor babies need a lot of emotional and physical support to ensure their continued survival and as you can imagine, do not come cheap. It is the type of cause that we would love to support on a regular basis and thanks to the kind people who support us monthly, we should be able to do this soon.


Sadly the DEA still refuses to release national rhino death stats but our reliable friends in KZN still do and it’s not looking great. More rhinos have been killed up to date this year than last year with less arrests and firearms recovered as well. Interestingly though there has been a decrease in the number of rhino poached on private land and this bodes well for the future and shows the fruits of a lot of hard work by many organisations. It also once again highlights the importance of private game reserves and the role they play in protecting the species. Without them I fear our Rhinos will not survive and we will continue to support them where we can.  Please help us to do so.


Moving forward we would like to increase our debit order campaign which will allow us to support more organisations on a regular basis. If I could take this opportunity to ask all our current supporters to help us spread the word a bit, and to send us some referrals of people who might also like to help us. As always we are open about what we do and who we support so please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or questions that you might have.


Many thanks again for all your support.


Cheers for now,

Bruce and Greg.