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After a relatively slow start to the year, life at 12Hours has become a lot more active with many exciting and different things on the go. Sadly, the poaching of our Rhinos has also heated up and despite the lack of frequent poaching statistics from the DEA, I can assure you that their numbers continue to drop at an alarming rate. Why the DEA has decided to stop with regular updates is beyond any sane person but the figures that do come in from KZN paint a grim picture. We are without a doubt still facing a long, difficult road ahead.


So, what are we at 12Hours doing to help shorten the road ahead? Well sit back, grab a flat white or two and let me tell you. Our debit order campaign is moving forward and a big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. A big thank you as well to those who are going to in the near future.  As a result of this we have already made a contribution towards our ongoing project with Amakhosi Lodge and have purchased some vital equipment for their anti-poaching unit. Pictures will be following shortly on our FB page so please keep following for these.


We are once again taking part in the Joberg2C mountain bike ride from Jozi to Scottburgh and are looking forward to not only raising loads of funds, but making some new friends and building our army of support. Check out www.joberg2c.co.za for more info on this amazing event. Last year we raised over R60 000-00 from this ride and we hope to better this year. We are also very lucky to have an artist by the name of Karrie Hovey www.karriehovey.com who will be riding this year and raising funds for us as well. All the money raised by her and her supporters will be given to the Rhinoart project. Rhinoart is an initiative that was set up by Project Rhino KZN and the Kingsley Holgate Foundation and “harnesses the voices of African children through art”. It is an amazing initiative and one we are happy to support. Please have a look at Kerrie’s Blog www.3ringcircus.us and our Indiegogo page “Rhino conservation at schools” https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rhino-conservation-at-schools  for more info on this campaign.


In keeping with the crowdfunding hype, we have also set up a profile on Justgiving.com and we encourage you all to have a look. If you are one of those people who love raising money for causes through your sporting activities then this is for you. There’s only one thing better than finishing your first marathon and that’s saving a rhino while doing it! https://www.justgiving.com/12hours-the-collective-hub


The 12Hours army of support is steadily growing and you are all invited to join. The war against poaching rages on and we will do our bit to win the battles one project at a time. With your support we will achieve great things together. Get involved. Make a difference.


Cheers for now,


Greg and Bruce.