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Updates from Joberg2C – R60000-00 raised!

Written by Greg Patrick on , Posted in Latest News / No Comments

We are overjoyed to announce that not only did myself and Bruce survive 300kms of mountain biking bliss, although slightly bruised in certain areas, but we managed to raise R60 000-00 for our various projects.  We pledged R30 000 of that money to help Farmer Gary Green with his ongoing project of fixing the Spioenkop Game Reserve fence line. This is in line with our philosophy of only supporting projects that are tangible and will have real benefits to the rhinos and other wildlife involved. It is also a great way of giving back to those who tirelessly strive to improve, not only an awesome event, but the general conservation of the area. We are so privileged to ride our bikes through such amazing landscapes and many riders were even more privileged to see some of our big grey friends on route. This R30 000 will go a long way in protecting the rhinos of Spioenkop Game Reserve who sadly lost 3 rhinos to poaching before the event. We look forward to returning next year to spread more awareness, raise more funds and maybe even see some rhinos in their safer environment thanks to better fencing. None of this would have been possible were it not for Andrew Macpherson of OMSFIN (Old Mutual Specialised Finance) who not only gave us our relay entry, but proudly rode in 12Hours kit (up front with the pros by the way!!) to show his support.  We were also chosen to be part of the Old Mutual “More than yourself” fundraising portal and are very grateful indeed for this opportunity www.morethanyourself.co.za . Many thanks again! Until next time, keep getting involved wherever you can. You will make a difference.

Joberg2C competition winner

During the Joberg2C event we ran an SMS competition exclusive to all the riders and we’d like to thank all who took part for their support and donations. We are delighted to announce that the winner of our competition was Mr Francis Lambert. The incredible prize is a 3 night stay for 2 people at the Big5, five star Amakhosi Safari Lodge in Northern Zululand and we’d like to thank them again for their continued support of 12Hours. For more info on this magnificent lodge, go to www.amakhosi.com for more info.