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Written by Greg Patrick on , Posted in Latest News / No Comments

As promised, I’m back with some more news, a little sooner than before, and with good reason tagging along. I mentioned in my previous post that we’ve been busy and I would like to fill you all in on the projects that we’ve donated to so far. 3 little projects that will have a great impact to the people who received the funds and of course the rhinos that they are all striving so valiantly to protect. All this from the proceeds of our ongoing SMS campaign that is growing daily. So let me tell you what a simple R25 SMS can achieve.

Firstly we gave R10 659-00 rand to our pilot project with Amakhosi Lodge. These funds were used to purchase a radio receiver and antennae which will be used to track their rhinos and other game. This is an ongoing project and we decided to purchase the radio now as they could put it to good use right away. For more information on this project please have a look on our website.

Secondly, 12Hours donated R6000-00 to Project Rhino KZN for the improvement of their communications set up at their Rhino Ops centre in Hluhluwe. They need to be in contact with all Zululand reserves, as well as their ZAP-wing aircraft while on patrol and this donation will help ensure that they have great, constant communications. No point in having expensive planes flying around if they can’t relay information quickly and clearly to the ground.

Finally, we gave R10000-00 to the RhODIS project at the University of Pretoria which will enable Dr Cindy Harper and her team to put 25 rhinos onto the database. The RhODIS (Rhino DNA Index System) is a proudly South African product based on the CIA’s CODIS, developed by Dr Cindy Harper and her team to put all SA’s rhinos onto a DNA database. It is the single most effective tool in putting poachers behind bars and has had huge success up till now. We are extremely happy, and proud, to have made this contribution and will continue to support them in the very near future.

Our approach has always been project driven and the above donations attest to that and the reason is very simple. Urgency. Our Rhinos do not have the time to wait for fundraising organisations to casually reach their goals of 1, 5 or 10 million rand, while those funds sit in their bank accounts growing moss. We will not drag a campaign out over time for corporate or branding exposure which sadly happens. We will not brag about reaching our target of 2 million rand and then make a big song and dance about it. In fact we hope never to have millions in our Rhinobank because that money should be with the people who need it most. The people protecting and saving our rhinos directly. The reason we do what we do!

Going forward our projects will increase in size and number but most importantly, we will be getting things done through urgency and action. Our philosophy of getting involved and making a difference is 2 fold as it applies not only to our SMS card campaign, but to our approach in tackling projects and seeing them through to completion. All this was made possible by the involvement of around 2300 people who have gotten involved in our SMS card campaign and made a difference to 3 very worthy and grateful beneficiaries. A simple R25 SMS can go a long way indeed.

12Hours is building an army of support and we want you all to join. It is not just about the money but about the amount of people we can collectively bring together to make a common stand against rhino poaching and all wildlife crime. We cannot do this without the support of the public and we thank each and everyone who has kindly supported us so far. A big rhino smooch for you all.