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Who, what, why?

Written by Greg Patrick on , Posted in Latest News / No Comments

As with all things in life, 12Hours has evolved to where it is today. What started off as a few casual conversations has culminated into the organisation we have now. An NPO ready to drive a fundraising machine which is aimed at harnessing public support, commitment and involvement. No big corporate sponsorship or partnership, just ourselves and you the public.


We have said many times that this war will not be won without the public and we stand by that. Genuine support of those who care and want to contribute for the right reasons. Not for exposure or corporate responsibility, but because you simply believe in what is right. This is not to say that we don’t want corporate sponsorship (hint, hint!) but have chosen to engage with the public because that is where hope lies.


The coming together of Bruce and myself in this project has been a while in the making and we are proud of what we’ve created.  Bruce’s advertising and fundraising background and my career in the bush seemed a perfect combination of skills to take on this challenge and the passion for saving our rhinos has always been with both of us. Many hours, days and weeks have been spent developing our fundraising campaigns and we are continually researching and looking into areas where funds are needed most and engaging with other organisations and experts. We will only support organisations and initiatives that we feel will deliver positive and tangible results, without duplication and dilution of funds. Essentially doing all the research for you so that you can have peace of mind about where your money goes. Credibility and transparency are very important to us.


Our card campaign is taking off nicely and the few cards we’ve released have shown us that the interest is there and the “play it forward” concept works well. The public are keen to get involved and that is a very positive sign indeed! We now have just under 5000 cards left that we need to get out into the public, as soon as possible, so that we can go viral with this campaign. And we are confident that there are more batches to come. As mentioned, speed is of the essence here, and if any of you out there would like to take a batch of cards and distribute them at work or a function then please contact us and we’ll tell you more about the process. It really is simple and fun to get involved in the 12Hour card campaign.


We are proud to announce that our very first project will be to assist a fantastic lodge in Zululand, Amakhosi Lodge (www.amakhosi.com), with the application of GPS tracking systems for their rhinos. They have very kindly donated some getaways for some of our supporters and we look forward to handing those out. Anyone who sends an SMS for the card campaign, our website, FB or Twitter will be eligible for one of these wonderful getaways. You might also have noticed that there is a different SMS “word” on our website, FB and Twitter and this is done so we know exactly where our SMSs come from although they all go to the same place. Whichever platform you choose, please remember to include your name for us.


This will be the first of many newsletters and we would love to engage with as many of you as possible. Send us your suggestions, ideas, pictures, stories and whatever else you find relevant to what we do. With so much negativity surrounding this devastating problem, we are determined to do something positive and show, with your help, that we can make a difference. We will win this war, together!


Cheers for now,